About Us

Somerset Railwayana, established in 1992, is a trusted name in the railway memorabilia industry. Founded by Brian J Harding (BJH), our company specializes in the sale of hardware and railwayana.

Brian's journey in railway memorabilia began in 1962 when he received a gift of B&E (Bristol and Exeter) labels from the station master at Wells station. This ignited his passion for collecting and preserving railway history.

In 1995, Brian initiated auctions, starting with around four per year. These auctions, held regularly, have become prominent events in the railwayana community.

Key Highlights:

  • The company was established by Brian J Harding in 1992.
  • The company specialises in Railway Luggage Labels and Railwayana.
  • Brian began collecting in 1962 after receiving a gift of B&E labels.
  • Auctions began in 1995, initially hosting around four per year.